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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance, making it easier for you to provide protection for your family. Term life insurance is straightforward: it provides coverage for a specific period (or “term”). Your coverage ends when your term ends, or until you convert it into a more permanent life insurance policy. Term life insurance can be an especially good option when you’re just starting out, raising your family, or building your business.

Each of our term life insurance policies offers unique benefits – benefits that appeal to your lifestyle today as well as your plans for the future.

Term Policy Options

Choice Term

A traditional term life insurance product, Choice Term offers a set amount of coverage for a pre-determined length of time. You choose the length of your policy — 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, or the number of years until you reach age 65. With Choice Term, your premiums often remain level for the coverage period you select. If you choose to extend coverage, they’ll increase annually.

Increasing Term

Our Increasing Term product is designed for people who know it’s important to have coverage now, but also know they’ll need more coverage in the future — like expanding your family, keeping pace with higher salaries and more. The coverage period for this policy is 20 years. With Increasing Term, you’ll be allowed to increase coverage up to double the face value of your policy over the first five years without having to go through the underwriting process again.

Income Guard Term Life

While many term policies offer a lump sum payout, Income Guard takes a different approach. It allows your loved ones to stay on their feet with set monthly benefit payments – like a paycheck – for many years. By receiving steady payments, their regular expenses like housing, car payments, childcare and more can be covered. The coverage period for this policy is 10 or 20 years.

Return of Premium Term

If you love the idea of having life insurance, but don’t love the idea of spending money on a term policy you may never use, Return of Premium may be for you. With this policy, the coverage period is 30 years and at the end of your term, you’ll receive a full return of all your base premiums. That lump-sum payment is non-taxable to you and can be used however you choose.

Optional Coverage Enhancements1

Extended Protection

If your financial needs change and you find you need protection for a longer period of time — or for life — you may have the option of converting your term coverage to a permanent life insurance policy without a medical review. In addition, a conversion credit may be available.

Children’s Term Life Insurance

This add-on coverage can provide term life insurance for each of your qualifying children, age 7 days to 23 years.

Waiver of Premium

If you experience a total disability that continues for 90 consecutive days, premiums will be waived for the duration of that disability. This protection ceases on the policy anniversary of the year you turn age 65, unless benefits are being paid under this rider.

Living Benefit

If you are diagnosed with a qualifying terminal illness, you can receive money by utilizing a portion of the policy’s death benefit. This feature is provided at no additional cost.

Guaranteed Re-entry

After the coverage period you select comes to an end, you can purchase a new term life insurance policy without a medical review.

Financial Protection for Your Loved Ones

If your death occurs during the coverage period of your selected policy, the people you specify as beneficiaries will receive benefits from the policy either as a lump sum or through flexible income payment options. These benefits are paid directly to your beneficiaries, so there should be no additional costs or delays in receiving the financial benefit you’ve secured for them.

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1 Not all optional coverage enhancements are available on all term life insurance policies.

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